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''Being a scientist with a worldwide research publication, I always felt confined to logic. There was never enough room for expressing my creative side, at least not to the extent my heart and mind were craving for. I soon realised that I had to do something to satisfy this insatiable need to express my inner worlds; and what better way to do this through Art!

Fragrance has been a vital part of my life for as long as I can remember. Following both Science and the Art of Perfumery at the same time, I was fortunate enough to work for some of the world's biggest companies and be trained by the biggest names in the industry.''


''True art begins in emotion and often ends with memory. A perfume which did not begin in emotion is not a perfume.''

Ilias Kakis BSc, MSc

Creator Perfumer

Founder & Creator Perfumer Ilias Kakis


''All of my compositions are designed to evoke emotion, because they are born from it. My creations reflect a part of who I am, using some of the finest and rarest ingredients regardless of cost to make a vision, a dream come true. They are significantly influenced by the gift of memory, imaginary or real dimensions, extraordinary people and rare personas. This is in parallel with most other arts, like composing a song or painting a portrait, where elements of inspiration are extracted and combined in a way to create something highly authentic that speaks for itself.

True art does not recognise or is confined to gender. ILYA fragrance  is passionately created simply  ''For You'' whoever you are; not  ''For Him'' or ''For Her''. Every ILYA fragrance is universal and tells a story, a poem, but without words, using scent as the only medium. Where will ILYA fragrance take you? What feelings and memories will it give birth to? Are you ready to find out?''


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