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Perfume As Fine Art

ILYA perfume is created sustainably utilising the rarest materials and produced only in limited amounts. 

It is universally acknowledged that one is not truly dressed without perfume. With its potential to elevate one's mood, inspire memories, reflect one's personality and even attract those passing by, perfume is one of the most incredibly powerful instruments for communicating with the outer world. So for the most discerning perfume lovers and tastemakers in the world, it is only fitting that their chosen scent be as rich, luxurious, original and precisely selected as the rest of their wardrobe. 

With the ability to transmit universal elegance, timeless style and impeccable taste, every ILYA fragrance is meticulously composed and passionately hand-crafted in our small studio in the south of England. With two expertly curated fragrance collections, every ILYA fragrance begins with an emotion or memory most personal to internationally-acclaimed research scientist and perfumer, Ilias Kakis. 

Heaven's Tide the new fragrance by ILYA Parfums levitating above a serene tide against a blue sky as a background.

Equipped with total creative freedom, Ilias begins his creative process to bring a fragrance vision to life with no limit on time or formulation.  Each element that goes into an ILYA perfume is natural, organic, sustainably grown and often extremely rare, from precious Rose de Mai, delicate iris, jasmine from Grasse in France and narcissus to sandalwood, rare ambergris and enticing oud. Then it is all about experimentation - something that Ilias is an expert in - to perfect the balance between pure essential oil and spirit, to intensify the fragrance and allow it to unfold, ensuring every note is as evocative and glorious as it in the first spritz and all the way through to the end of day. 

An ode to the traditional art of perfumery with unparalleled artisanship and quality as its heart, each ILYA perfume truly stands out  with its own unique personality, mood and character. It is an ode also to the art of ultimate self-expression, a true olfactive masterpiece that has the power to elevate any ensemble and induce emotion.

Black Velvet perfume and Limitless X perfumes by ILYA Parfums against a burgundy background
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