Welcome to the unique world of ILYA Parfums. Read below and discover fragrance like never before.

Since the dawn of  time, perfume has been thought to possess immense significance. Thus, it has been an intrinsic part of our lives. Scent was used as an offering to ancient deities, from burning balsams and resins, to distilling simple essences from flowers and spices. Years later it was discovered that it has a secret power; to influence and govern the human mind. However, the secrets behind this power remain well-kept and are largely scattered through the passage of time still.


Nevertheless a few alchemists have managed to decipher the genetic code behind the power of certain scents, or combinations of those, and how it relates to our species; our thoughts, our behaviour and our mood. With their work it became transparent that perfume has the power to induce emotion which, in turn, breeds memories, or can be used as a form of communication. This secret power is central to the art of ILYA perfumery.


When ILYA launched in 2019, it was our perfumer's aim to create essences that transcend the passage of time, each being a study of the past and an experiment of the future. Exceptionally composed, ILYA fragrance is produced in limited batches from the finest ingredients there are on the market. Royal Cambodian Aoud, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Calabrian Bergamot, Haitian Vetiver and Red Champaca absolute are just a few of the affluent treasures there are in the ILYA laboratory. 

Blended using traditional techniques as old as time, this timeless act is central to the DNA of ILYA. All fragrance collections are made from a very high concentration of the pure extrait, composed of a minimum average of 85% naturals or nature identicals. ILYA offers exceptionally unique fragrances that are either ''Eau de Parfum'' or ''Parfum'' strengths,  with concentrations ranging from 17% to 25% depending on the composition.

Every ILYA fragrance is a distilled memory, feeling, or personality in a bottle. In certain fragrances, like Blue Valley, our perfumer has captured a world untold, bringing a memory to life, where you are invited to create you own memories wearing this scent or travel to places most uncharted. This very journey will often exude particular feelings or capture the essence of character metamorphosis. 

This is the power of ILYA fragrance. Perfumery is an art- and by the words of our perfumer, ''scent governs all''.