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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is ILYA fragrance made?

We handmake and hand-finish all our perfumes at our small studio in Southampton, England. We weigh the ingredients, synthesise the pure parfum and bottle the finished fragrance by hand. We do this in line with the ILYA philosophy; perfumery is an Art, and each ILYA composition must therefore reflect the hands-on creative spirit. The majority of perfume brands have their fragrances made by commercial perfumers in big industrial settings.

Our bottles are from Italy and are made from superior white flint glass. Our packaging is minimalistic, timeless and more importantly, recyclable (minus the cap). We are committed to keeping our carbon footprint low by avoiding the use of electrical equipment in our studio where possible.


How do I get my bottle engraved?

We are excited to be able to offer our customers artisan personalisation through hand engraving for a small surcharge. Simply select the fragrance and the size you are interested in with the engraving option attached then enter your message below on the product page or in the checkout page. There is a limit of 30 characters. Kindly note that we do not engrave discovery vials due to their small size.  Please allow for an additional 3-5 working days before receiving your personalised fragrance.

What is the ILYA Resonance Factor™?

Nearly all perfume brands simply label their products as ''Eau de Parfum'' or ''Parfum''. However, that alone is vague and not insightful, especially when it comes to understanding fragrance or making an informed decision for purchase. Whilst dilution class is largely determined by oil concentration in the finished fragrance, the actual makeup of the pure parfum plays a huge role in how the fragrance behaves.


For example, a typical Eau de Parfum has a fragrance concentration of generally 15%-20%, with approximately 40% of materials classified as ''top notes''. However, some Eau de Parfum fragrances contain as much as 70%, or as low as 20%, ''top note'' materials. This is why some Eau de Parfum fragrances do not last as much, while others last longer, when they contain exactly the same fragrance oil concentration. In other words it is not just about quantity, but quality as well.


The Resonance Factor™ has been devised by our in-house perfumer and scientist himself. It involves complex mathematics and fragrance chemistry that predict how each individual ILYA fragrance behaves when brought to life upon the skin. The Resonance Factor™ can take any whole value between 1-5, and applies to both Eau de Parfum and Parfum fragrances. The closer to 1 the value is, the more personal, intimate and discreet ILYA fragrance is. In contrast, if an ILYA perfume has a value closer to 5, then the composition is more loud, captive and ''here to make a statement''. 

Whilst we appreciate that everyone has a different skin chemistry, the Resonance Factor™ is a great indicator for describing the sillage of each ILYA perfume.

What standards do you follow when making ILYA fragrance?

All of our fragrance formulations strongly abide by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines and strict EU regulations. Our products are registered with European Cosmetics via CPNP (Cosmetics Product Notification Portal) and the UK-equivalent portal of OPSS (Office for Product Safety and Standards). This ensures our products are safe for use and can be legally sold in the respective markets. 

Do you test ILYA fragrances on animals?

Our fragrances are vegetarian. No EU cosmetics are allowed to be tested on animals, thus ours aren't. However, China allows for cosmetics to be tested on animals. As such we refuse to market or sell our products to/in China. 

How do I choose the best perfume for me?

Visit our product collections here and read about the inspiration behind each composition and explore the fragrance pyramids. We also sell 2mL discovery vials, giving you the option to experience each fragrance at a small cost. If you need further help, then please contact one of our fragrance experts who will be able to provide you with a more personalised recommendation.

How do I store my ILYA fragrance?

We always advise all perfumes to be stored in a cool, dark place and away from heat or light to ensure the fragrance is not affected by temperature changes. When stored correctly, the conditions are optimal and so the maceration process continues uninterrupted. We recommend to use your fragrance within 2-3 years from first using it. 

How long will my ILYA fragrance last?

This depends on the conditions the fragrance has been stored in. We generally advise that you should use your fragrance within 2-3 years from when you first sprayed the bottle. However, the fragrance can last over 5 years if left unopened. This is because upon spraying or opening the product, oxygen enters into the bottle and allows for oxidation of ingredients to take place. The process happens slowly over time, but it is directly proportionate to the amount of fragrance that you have used (the more fragrance you have used, the faster the oxidation takes place). As a result, we advise that as you start to get to the end of your bottle to wear your fragrance quicker than what you would have at the beginning of your bottle to ensure you can enjoy the perfume at its best. 

How can I make my ILYA fragrance last longer?

There are ways with which you can extend the longevity of a fragrance on your skin. Ensuring that your skin is moisturised prior to applying your fragrance is vital and you can use a non-scented moisturiser for this purpose. Keeping the skin moisturised is especially important during winter when we are exposed to heating, which accelerates skin dehydration. Conversely, the natural oils that occur with perspiration during hot months can remove the fragrance oils from the skin. A great way to overcome this is to apply fragrance on the skin as well as your clothing. However, as we use a high concentration of base naturals and nature-identical molecules, we advise that our fragrances should be applied with caution to your clothing, as they may stain brighter colours. Making sure that your fragrance is stored in appropriate conditions (in a cool, dark place away from light and heat) allows for the maceration process to continue. 

If you have any more questions, or if there is something wrong with your order, please contact us and we will fix it for you. 

What is your return policy?

We understand that perfume is highly personal. The olfactive descriptions are there to assist you in selecting your signature scent, but perfume can vary from skin to skin. We strongly recommend that you try a discovery sample before you commit to a full-sized bottle. Samples are available to purchase for each one of our fragrances from our official online boutique. Please do test them first before buying a bigger bottle.


As long as you haven't opened the box and used the perfume, and you are posting within the UK, we would be happy to exchange it or offer you a refund. You have 14 days from the day of purchase to raise a return/exchange with us. Please note that you remain liable for any postage and packing fees. We recommend that you pack the products safely and post using tracked delivery, as we can't accept returned items that have been damaged or issue a refund or authorise an exchange for any items that are lost in transit.

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