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Perfume As Rare Art

At ILYA the creative force never ceases, it runs constantly like an endless stream. We constantly reinvent our image and work, introducing fragrances that set the trends, rather than follow them, and exclusive features with the art of fine perfumery always at heart. In this new, exciting chapter, we have created a more personal and prestigious image that not only sets our perfumes apart, but tells a fascinating story. 

Famous Statuette Bust of Queen Nefertiti Isolated on Black Background

Queen Nefertiti

The most powerful royal Queen that reigned over the wealthiest period of Egypt, Queen Nefertiti was known for her strong will and confidence. She worshipped the Sun God, Aton, the same deity as the Ancient Hellenic equivalent, Helios.


The name ILYA originates from Helios, meaning Sun. As such, the shape of the new cap is inspired by Queen Nefertiti's royal crown, but with a few secret meanings behind it. 

Scented Secrets

The precious shape captures the image of a rising sun at breaking dawn, when the first light appears. It also represents a wider spectrum, reflecting all the contrasting, surprising  and often unexpected emotions a perfume

can induce. 

Each piece is adorned with ethically-sourced crystals representing the main 'colour' themes of each ILYA perfume. They are carefully hand-placed in a rhombus nest, a symbol of passage to an alternate dimension and travel through time. A warm gold accent, reminiscent of triumph and abundance, embraces this structure as it comes to life. Engraved on top of each cap is the name ILYA, forever gazing into the sky that manifests all that is Art and Inspiration.

ILYA perfume cap
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