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''Wondrous. Adventurous. Majestic''


Elude is a universal hymn devoted to the essence of escapism beyond reality. A majestic citrus nebula heralds the birth of a new galaxy. The whimsical sweetness of Honey Perseids soon lures you into an exhilarating journey. As you float deeper into the unknown, you experience the bliss of juicy Apple and Pear constellations. Delicate cosmic whispers echoing from Lily of the Valley begin to manifest an alternate dimension before your eyes. This new world is illuminated by the shimmering lights of White Cyclamens, pouring out from a fountain of dreams, as they dress all that is Infinite. Tied to both Earth and the Void, Patchouli notes are beaming back from the astral plane and gently guide you to return to the real world.

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