E L U D E     R E A L I T Y


Created for the most discerning lovers of perfume
and fragrance connoisseurs.

''My perfumes are created for the most discerning lovers of perfume and this is reflected in their opulence, rarity and the know-how. They are expertly blended in small batches and sold as concentrated perfumes in 50ml or 100ml bottles and are created to reflect the individual and express something personal to you, touching your senses with colours, feelings and thoughts.''

Every ILYA fragrance is made to speak to you and are therefore emotive and we use some of the most treasured materials, such as the rare and exotic Ambergris, Rose de Mai with it’s luxurious, golden velvet texture, Royal Cambodian Aoud for its immaculate richness, strength and sweet accent... These are only a few examples of legendary treasures found in the ILYA laboratory.

At the heart of ILYA lies our creator perfumer who has devoted this house to the art of expressionism and to the most artisan style of perfumery.